Cape Mendocino Animation
January 2006
MARAD vessel S.S. Cape Mendocino’s Barge Transporter System and Elevator Animation (Accelerated).
Fleet Replacement and Modernization Presentation
March 2004
Presentation (HTML based, Internet Explorer required) with various strategies to enhance the existing Ready Reserve Force Fleet of MARAD vessels.
RRF Ship Photo Galleries
June 2005
Various Pictures of MARAD South Atlantic Region Ships in Action during Operation Iraqi Freedom and JLOTS exercises. Various Photographers.
Prepositioned Disaster Relief Platform Concept
December 2005
Presentation (Microsoft Powerpoint) illustrating concept to outfit a MARAD ship to act as a Disaster Relief Platform from the Sea. Approx. 11 MB.
Port Security: Tracking Cargo from Foreign to U.S. Ports
April 2006
Presentation (Microsoft Powerpoint) illustrating Port Security and SafePort concept to use T-ACS vessels to access suspect containers from incoming ships safely at sea. 1.61 MB
Wright Press Kit
April 2006
Flyer created for MARAD vessel S.S. Wright in Acrobat Format (PDF). 6.7 MB.
Point of Contact: John Spears, (757) 286-4204